"We aren't looking for new artists or new investors, we are looking for genuine people to share real-life experiences with and seek out all of the things that we perceive to be a success , together."

- Dillon Forst ( Founder of Hollow Records ) 


 The music industry has gone through many changes. With the influence of the internet, the game has essentially changed for artists and fans alike. As a rising Record Label in Southern California, in the Greater Los Angeles area, Hollow Records has been keeping up with these changes in the industry. Not only do we work with the brightest musical talents around, but Founder Dillon Forst is a member of every band on this label. While so far that means vocally or instrumentally, it goes much further than that. There are a few basic principles that Hollow Records follows, and it is these key points of interest that set us apart. Community is one of the most important aspects of our Record Label. We have the vision to create the most interactive experience with our artists and fans alike. Technology is evolving to the point where our ability to communicate with each other at extreme speeds anywhere in the world and in ever-increasingly exciting ways is becoming more and more possible. We intend to bring the full experience of being in a band, part of the band and with the band to the screens in your homes and personalize the experience that you want to have with our bands and members. The closer you can get to the artist, the more impactful the message can become and our message is " Positivity Through Rock Music ". In a word, we call this community.


That brings us to another key point of interest. Giving each other a voice, and a place to be heard. Not only do we create relatable, inspiring, positive and thought-provoking music with adjacent lyrical concepts and imagery to follow, but we create an opportunity to be heard. From stories about growing up to our ultimate purpose in life, we're all here on life's journey together and its in the face of the great unknown that we see just how similar each of you reading this is to us. Before being a record label, before being talented artists and before being musicians and marketing experts we are people. People just like you, looking to find the truth, looking to foster purpose in a meaningful way, and looking to understand and be understood alike. If you can stand behind a positive rock, a positive message, a good community, and innovative ways to interact with each other through the visions of technology, then please stand with us. Hollow Records is looking to make a change in the rock scene. We aim to reinvent the meaning of a Rock Star and hold our heads high for the world to follow. Join our mission for positivity through rock music. Join our mission in telling the truth.


Hollow Records is constantly releasing new music in Orange County, Los Angeles and the High Desert . We have had the opportunity to work with immensely talented musicians, helping them conceptualize, write, record and release their music in the right way. Here you’ll be able to check out the label’s latest albums and single releases. Feel free to get in touch with us on how to better interact with us and your favorite artists. Were constantly innovating new ways for us to interact with you and we would adore your feed back to help push us further in that positive direction.



Summer 2017

This is one of our newest artists; courtesy of Hollow Records. If you liked this artist’ hit single " Guilty Crown " which accrued over 500,000 total plays on all social platforms in its first 6 months of release, then it’s guaranteed that you’ll love this album. Reserve your very own hard or digital copy now, and if you want to learn more about the recording process with this incredible artist, feel free to get in touch with us or the artists.



Summer 2020

Hollow Records strives to be perceived as positive.

With nearly 100 total songs released so far ; in which the Founder of Hollow Records plays every instrument and performs all vocals for the projects in question , it is clear that positivity is only the surface to be seen behind all the raw talent that Dillon Forst and Hollow Records has to offer. These songs are a true display of Dillon Forst doing everything on his own from the ground up. The "Going Alone " album will be a first of its kind for Hollow Records, in that it will be the first full length and official solo album done by Dillon Forst and accomplished entirely under his own name. Setting out from the beginning as a solo project , showing off will be made much easier. To get a better idea of some of the sounds to come, please check out some of the singles and covers already released by Dillon Forst , under his own name. Diversity and innovation in sound are only the beginning , Dillon Forst truly strives to write a charting hit in every major genre available. If you’ve got any questions or comments regarding his upcoming album or his 16 singles so far, feel free to get in touch.



Winter 2018

This album is one of the most anticipated releases in the history of Hollow Records. That’s saying a lot considering some of the incredibly successful past recordings from Inertia The Rock Band and Dillon Forst's solo work. So much has gone into the making this Concept Album and Cinematic Short. The publicity surrounding this release has been nearly non existent and that's because Hollow Records wants the Debut of " The Surface Beneath Us" fronted by Hollow Records Founder Dillon Forst , to be a huge spectacle. The " Cinematic Short " for this full length album was completed in Summer 2020 , and will be out world wide on all major streaming platforms. For now, you can watch the premier of our " Cinematic Short " here on our website, in the video reel section. 



Summer 2019

Hollow Records at its for core is very extreme in roots. This is where we take a complete left turn and reminisce over the 1970's and 80's with this Modern Throwback sound we call " The Synthwave " . The Synthwave is poised to be the MECCA of all Synthwave bands taking influence from the greatest artists in the Genre like " The Midnight " , " Paramore's Latest Album " and even a huge influence from the band " The 1975 " . Were excited to share this band with you and we can't wait for you all to hear the catchy, can't help but sing along " Throwback Tunes " with a modern punch that we have prepared for you.



The Process

Inertia Front Art 3000 by 3000 .jpg


The Surface Beneath Us

Hollow Kings Art.jpg

The Synthwave

Your Dream , My Reality

I Magnified - Meditation is Key


Going It Alone

Dillon Forst 

Going Alone

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Modus Operandi ( Alumni Artist ) 

Sanctuary Of Disorder 

I Magnified - Meditation is Key



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